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Now there an easy way to create a creative Facebook profile without using any graphics software. With this app you can simply slice a profile photo from any photos or wallpapers and make a awesome Facebook page or profile page.

Read a review on ILoveFreeSoftware.com

Lite Edition limitations:
  • Lite Edition is limited up to 3 layers
  • Can not insert styled text
  • Can not use social buttons generator 

Update 2012-12-13:

Version 1.3 doesn't include any new features,just bug fixes.
*Fixed bug where 160x160px thumbnail was saved instead of 180x180px avatar
*Fixed: Avatar was saved twice into template
*Fixed: Avatar menu was enabled after loading template,even no avatar was loaded.
*Fixed: Avatar was unnecessary resized after loading it from template. 

Linux version is now available again. Still with some glitches and was tested on Linux Mint 14 KDE. 

Version 1.2 includes a few bugfixes and new features:
*Changed QR code generator into online web app
*You can now export images as JPEG and BMP
+Export selected layers as PNG
+Polka dot and Bokeh background generators
*Changed the way profile image is sliced from a cover photo
+Added a wizard for new users
*Updated included templates  

I will see if Linux version will come easy. The performance was slugish and QR codes didn't worked with QT interface so I need to check the GTK2 interface. And I found few easy tools for packing .deb files so installation will be more easier for all feature Linux apps.

There is also a special version for Google+ and Twitter:
Slicetige-G  (no longer suppported)

Always try before your buy!

Get a Full version just for a 8$

Get it from CNET Download.com!

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  1. the profilepic is too small to work, it has to be 180px at least...

    1. Thanks for reporting bug. Now it's fixed to correct size! :)

  2. Great piece of software. However when uploading the avatar to FB, you get an error stating that the picture must be 320 wide by 160 tall.

  3. Thanks. Can you post a screenshot? I tried today and seems old size 180x180 still works. Facebook changes all the time.

  4. This software is good, but not so much features.
    Like resize photo, moving position...

    1. Yeah,
      I will be back to this software in next month.
      Version 2.0 will have a faster graphics engine with much easier layers editing.

      You can move layers and resize them. Hold CTRL to move select layer with mouse and resize them.

  5. Hi,

    I'm trying your software to align my avatar with the cover but it's no longer working, even with the scale thumbnail... any idea ?

    1. Ahoy,

      Try clearing the avatar and slicing it again from desired position.
      Or start all over again by making new project using default solid color and later loading and aligning cover photo to make a perfect avatar.


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