Vermin Desert Range HTML5 Game Template

Vermin Desert Range: HTML5 game made in Construct 2 
Game is inspired by old NES gallery shooters/target game style games like Hogan's Alley
and Duck Hunt. It includes a little bit of RPG elements and there one funny mini quest as Easter egg in this game. You have to find all hidden items to complete mini quest and earn bonus points.

Game features few types of enemies (vermin) . Some are hidden in the level background and others will be running across the game screen. There is also a few good guys which try to distract you. If you hit good villagers you will lose points. You have a 90 seconds to make a best score.

Controls: Touch/Mouse

Construct 2 project is included so you can export game for Windows Phone,Android,iOS and much more platforms like Nintendo WiiU.

Forest Mayhem HTML5 Game

Forest Mayhem is a short arcade shooter game. You have to point and click on bunnies and avoid touching owls as these will decrease points. 

Game works just fine on mobile devices and includes Construct 2 project file.
800x480px size with auto scalling. 


Also checkout another HTML5 game. It's classic whack-a-mole style game with a cartoonish graphics. Comes in HD 1280x720px size.


Teddy Summer Dress-Up

This is old game which is already available in Flash and now it has a HTML5 version.
It targets young kids since gameplay is very basic. The game includes Construct 2 project file for easy editing and Android Eclipse project with AdMob.

Game is optimized for HVGA 480x320px display mobile devices. You can download a preview to Android device. Since Android stock browser doesn't works well with HTML5 WebAudio there is no sound. 

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Buy game and live preview 
Adding more items -  a quick tutorial 


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